Pilot plants

An important part of the AURORA project is testing of the CESAR1 solvent in three different existing pilot plants: 1) The Tiller pilot at the Tiller CO2 laboratory in Trondheim (Norway), 2) a Mobile Test Unit at two end-user sites, and the large pilot plant at Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM, also in Norway).

The three pilots differ in capacity so that scale-up effects can be checked, but they also differ in test features and by having four different test sites (two planned for the MTU), we will be able to study effects of local conditions.

CO2 laboratory, Tiller – SINTEF

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The CO2 laboratory at Tiller in Trondheim, Norway is a highly equipped test facility for development of post-combustion CO2 capture technologies, as well as a research lab for flue gas pre-treatment analysis and emission research. It is highly flexible and designed for testing different solvents at various flue gas conditions.

Mobile Test Unit (MTU) –

Aker Carbon Capture

The Mobile Test Unit (MTU) owned by Aker Carbon Capture is a modular CO2 capture test facility. It is easy to transport and integrate with existing process plant facilities, and it generates representative data for industrial CO2 capture applications. 

Technology Center Mongstad – Carbon technology testing

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Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) is the world’s largest test centre for developing CO2 capture technologies and one of the leading competence centres for carbon capture. TCM is located at a complex industrial facility at the Western coast of Norway.