AURORA is a three and a half year HORIZON Europe project funded by EU and kicked off in January 2023. The participants of AURORA represent the following six European countries: Norway (5 partners), United Kingdom (1 partner), Belgium (1 partner), France (2 partners), Italy (1 partner), and Greece (2 partners). The AURORA consortium involves 12 partners from industry, research, and academia and has considerable involvement of industrial companies. The industrial partners are not only supporting the research but have also committed to directly investing and participating in the project’s R&D and demonstration activities, boosting the credibility of the project’s potential for accelerated decarbonisation of the industry.

Rapid up-scaling and deployment of more cost-efficient and sustainable carbon capture solutions are needed to reduce the emissions of CO2-intensive industries…

Keywords: Post-combustion capture, Absorption, International R&D activities incl. pilot and large-scale activities, CCS whole system issues, Public acceptance and communication, Business models.


  • H. M. Kvamsdal andA. Delica – SINTEF Industry, Sem Saelands vei 2A, 7465 Trondheim, Norway
  • H. K. Knuutila – Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Science and Technology, N-7491 Trondheim, Norway
  • S.O. Hauger – Cybernetica AS, Leirfossv. 27, N-7038 Trondheim, Norway
  • R. Wanderley – ACC, Oksenøyveien 8, 1366 Lysaker, Norway
  • S. Jouenne – TotalEnergies, CSTJF, EB 437 Avenue Larribau, 64018 Pau Cedex, France
  • S. Fovelle – Euroquality, 39 rue Saint Lazare, 75009 Paris