Accelerated deployment of integrated CCUS chains based on solvent capture technology


EU funds


EU countries

Pilot sites

AURORA is a collaborative project funded by the European Union’s HORIZON EUROPE programme, which aims to optimise and qualify the open, non-proprietary CESAR1 solvent-based carbon capture technology for commercial deployment.

Holistic solvent optimisation

Holistic optimisation of solvent composition, process design, monitoring, control and emissions management.

Validate models for commercial deployment

Models validated for use in commercial process simulators.

Improve waste heat integration

Improved waste heat integration with carbon capture to reduce external heat demand and operating costs.

Improve advanced control system

Improved, integrated advanced control system to reduce operating costs and optimise performance.

Project timeline

Full CCUS chain assessment and conceptual studies

Technology qualification and benchmark establishment


Preparation of pilot demonstrations

Demonstration of optimised solvent and process in pilots

Our project partners

The AURORA consortium involves 12 partners from industry, research, and academia and has considerable involvement of industrial companies.