The first deliverable of Work Package 5 on the Full chain CCUS assessment has been issued. This report results from continuous discussions and workshop between all partners during the first year. It is co-authored by TotalEnergies, SINTEF, UNIROMA1 and Cambridge University.

Links between the different blocks of a full CCUS chain

This report describes the methodology and the guidelines which will be used for assessing the different scenarios of full CCUS chains proposed for the 4 emitters of the AURORA project: UMICORE material recycling plant and TOTALENERGIES Refinery in Belgium, HERACLES cement plant and MOTOR OIL refinery in Greece. For each emitter, the best available options will be evaluated to identify the most promising CCUS chains in each region. The building of the CCUS chain scenario will depend on opportunities in each region: the location, nature and longevity of CO2 sources and sinks, the clustering options for capture and/or conditioning and/or transport, the available options and routes for transport by ship or pipeline at national and trans-national levels, the storage sites options depending on their technical appraisal, their capacity and their maturity. Each scenario will be evaluated through a techno-economic analysis, a life cycle assessment and a social, political and commercial readiness analysis.

The whole methodology will be made available at the end of this year, stay tuned!