SINTEF was invited by the AURORA partner Sapienza University who is in the Secretariat of CO2GeoNet Open Forum, to give a presentation about CCS chains activities in the AURORA project.

CO2GeoNet is the European scientific body on CO2 geological storage and they arrange regular workshops within this topic. However, one topic addressed in the particular conference was the full CCS chain and the title of the presentation was: “Exploring CCUS chains in Belgium and Greece based on open-access CESAR1 solvent capture technology”. The development of effective CCUS chains is dependent on the availability of suitable CO2 storage sites.

What did we learn?

Attending the conference provided an opportunity to be updated on recent advances in geological storage development, particularly in Europe while also covering other topics that are relevant for developing commercial scale CCS chains.

Why was this interesting for our project?

Presenting at the conference gave the AURORA project an opportunity to present the challenges faced with developing a flexible transport network linking and integrating CO2 sources and sinks.

Each session ended with a panel where the audience had the opportunity to ask the presenters questions. The major topic of interest from the audience was on CO2 capture. About 90 people from the CCS community in Europe and the US attended the conference.