The Motor Oil refinery and the HERACLES cement plant in Greece are both preparing on site and have set dates in March 2024 for flue gas characterization with SINTEF experts. An in-depth analysis will be carried out respectively on the hydrogen production unit and the kiln stack.

HERACLES cement plant, Greece

MotorOil refinery plant, Greece

The collected data will be used for the assessment of flue gas composition fluctuations, for setting up the optimal adjustment of the functional characteristics of ACC’s Mobile Test Unit, as well as for the optimization of Cybernetica’s Nonlinear Model-based Predictive Control.

Additionally, when SINTEF and ACC teams visit the HERACLES cement plant in Volos in March 2024, a dissemination event will be organized for local authorities, the Technical Chamber of Greece and other shareholders.

More news to come in spring, stay tuned!