What better way to celebrate the New Year than by gathering for our second Project and General Meeting on January 9 and 10 in Cambridge, UK!

Our consortium began the day with an overview of progress and results in advancing carbon capture technology. Discussions focused on the following points: 

  • Improved models for advanced process control and process simulations 
  • Demonstration of optimized CESAR1 solvent and process in three pilots: Tiller CO2 Lab, ACC MTU and TCM. 
  • Technology qualification and benchmark establishment 
  • Full CCUS chain assessment and conceptual studies 
  • A wide variety of dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities, as well as project management actions for the fulfilment of the commitments towards the EC

In the afternoon, AURORA’s partners were pleased to launch the Stakeholder Forum created to guide AURORA’s developments and provide advice on the next steps to encourage market adoption of capture technologies.  

On the agenda, our participants had the opportunity to attend: 

    • NTNU presentation on available data and knowledge gaps of the CESAR1 solvent system 
    • ACC presentation on highlights of CESAR1 TQP 
    • ENI presentation on its CCUS model and its main decarbonization targets by Roberto Ferrario 
    • TotalEnergies presentation on WP5 – Full CCUS chain assessment and conceptual studies  
    • RWE presentation on Longtime testing of the CESAR1 solvent at Niederaussem by Peter Moser – from the MeDO2RA sister project (Membrane-assisted Dissolved Oxygen Removal from Amine solution for CO2 capture) which started in Sept. 2023.

🙏 A heartfelt thank you to the University of Cambridge team for hosting the event and to our external speakers for their valuable contributions! 

Together, let’s accelerate the deployment of integrated CCUS chains based on solvent capture technology!